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Wardrobe Consultant: Chloe S.

Do you struggle with:

- Finding clothes that fit and flatter your body
- Knowing which colors flatter you
- Trying to mix and match your wardrobe
- Hate shopping, but want to still look put together
To save valuable time & money, a 3D fit service is the best and easiest way for me to verify the fit of clothes before purchase, thereby reducing returns when searching for clothes that fit you. To get started follow the instructions in the video below. Please support sustainable fashion!

Watch to learn how to make your 3D Video. 

When you are ready to send us your video, select the "Upload Your Video" button.
1. Clothing
What to wear 180  Tops.png
You should wear Form Fitting clothing with Colorful Patterns. 
What to wear 180  Bottom.png
You can also wear Light Colored Jeans.
2. Making the Video
- Make sure the space is bright and the light is even. Sun light is good.   
- Place a 3x3 Post-it or paper cutout on your waist.  
- Hold your phone upside down. Otherwise your fingers will get in the way. 
- Stand in the center of the screen. You should see your shoulders down to your thighs. 
AA Body and position.png
When done correctly, your face should not appear in the video (see image above). Perfect 3D Fit does not now, nor will it in the future use member videos for any purpose other than to calculate your body measurements.
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