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A virtual fit can reduce returns and promote sustainable fashion

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With the emergence of virtual and 3D technologies, it's time to embrace a better more sustainable way to fit clothes to people and eliminate the wasteful practice of returning ill-fitting clothes that end up in landfills.​ 

With that, we decided to provide a virtual fit service for our customers. The service is free and very easy to use. It is being offered by Perfect 3D Fit. Their innovative technology consists of software used to generate 1000's of measurement calculations of an individual's shape and size using a video sent from their smartphone. They group people of the same shape and size into fashion size groups. Everyone in the same fashion size group can fit into the same sized clothes.

If you are interested in trying our new fit service, just follow the simple instructions below. 

"We believe sustainability can only be achieved in the fashion industry, if we all work together."
Watch to learn how to make your 3D Video. 
When you are ready to send us your video, select the "Upload Your Video" button above. After you upload your video, we will email you the promotion code you can use to receive your discount.
Please check your video before you send it in.
- Make sure the space is bright and the light is even. Sun light is good.   
- Place a 3x3 Post-it or paper cutout on your waist.  
- Hold your phone upside down. Otherwise your fingers will get in the way. 
- Stand in the center of the screen. You should see your shoulders down to your thighs. 
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When done correctly, your face should not appear in the video (see image above). Perfect 3D Fit does not now, nor will it in the future use member videos for any purpose other than to calculate your body measurements.
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