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Fit Verification PRO

How it works

Do you find it difficult finding the right size clothing for your customers? They can have their own misleading ideas about their size. Also, there is the confusing vanity sizing system used by retailers to deal with. Our Fit Verification PRO (Professional) service can reduce the time & money you spend trying to properly size them. Let's reduce returns by replacing the faulty clothing sizing system used today by online retailers.
  • Fit Verification PRO

    Group Fit Verification (No Credit Card Needed)
    Free Plan
    • Calculate the 3D measurements for all your customers
    • Organize your customers into Fashion Size Groups
    • Provide size group data using customer's 3D measurements
When you use our free fit service (No Credit Card Required);
We calculate the 3D shape & size of your customers using a smartphone video

We create a database of them using 1000's of measurements to group them by size

We give you access to this database allowing you to quickly see which customers can wear the same clothes (see sample)

If you would like to set up a meeting to learn more, send us your email.

Thanks we will contact you!

We can help you increase your business.

Fit Verification MK
We also offer a service called Fit Verification MKT (Marketing).  With this service, you can sell repurposed clothing from your customer's closets to 1000's of members in our fashion size groups database, thereby increasing your customer base and making money at the same time.
  • Fit Verification MKT

    Every month
    Handpicked Repurposed / Vintage Clothing Notification
    • Notification of repurposed clothes sold by your customers
    • Notification of clothes sold from your handpicked collection
In short, clothes that fit your customers will fit members (avatars) in our general database. The clothes you sell can be;

Repurposed from your customer's closets 

Handpicked from clothing stores you shop at

Selected from your own Wardrobe Collection
Once we set you up in our system, you only have to send us your ads using our Fit Verification Ad page and we will do the rest. We will notify everyone in the related Fashion Size Groups that there are clothes for sale by you and the fit has been verified (see sample Ad below).
Stylist Ad Sample Main jeans 2.png

Fit Verification PRO Report

Fit Verification Reports
Below is a sample of the report you will receive from us when you sign up for Fit Verification PRO service. This report shows all of your clients grouped by size in their fashion size groups. Remember with our 3D technology, "What Fits One Fit All".
Fashion Stylists Size Group Report Header.png
As you can see in the report above, your customers are assigned a fashion size group by us. Everyone in the same size group can wear the same clothes without any fit issues. For example, all of the people in the "Pink Flower" size group have the same shape and size. With our report, you will be able to quickly determine the best fit for any new customers. This knowledge saves time and money.
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