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Return Policy for Member to Member Transactions: 

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Is there a Fit Issue?

If your issue with your garment is related to how it fits, you should send an email to your Fit Representative indicating this as the problem. There may be a problem with your 3D video and we have an incorrect avatar of you in our database. We should get a new 3D video from you if this is the case.

Perfect 3D Fit is a marketplace

All returns of merchandise exchanged between members in the same size group must be agreed to by both the buyer and seller through their Fit Representative online via an email.

Private sellers are not required by
law to offer refunds

Before buying an item it’s important to check the seller’s return policy posted on the item. However, if you agree on a return, make sure you ship your item using a courier designated by Perfect 3D Fit.


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If the seller allows returns on the items they sell, items purchased through PayPal cannot be returned. Only items purchased using a valid credit card can be returned.  
If the seller allows returns on the items they sell, the return must be requested by the customer with in 7 days of receipt of purchase or delivery date, as logged by USPS or the courier used by Perfect 3D Fit.  Returns shipping and returns handling must be paid by the buyer. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
If the seller allows returns on the items they sell, the returned merchandise must be in its original condition. The returned merchandise must not be worn, altered, or washed and must have all tags and accessories attached

Return Policy for Retailer to Member Transactions: 

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