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Who are we

We are on a mission to bring companies together to promote sustainable fashion by eliminating the wasteful practice of consumers returning ill-fitting clothes that end up in landfills. Let's reduce returns by embracing a better way to size clothing to consumers before purchase.
Our innovative technology consists of software we use to generate 1000's of measurement calculations of an individual's shape and size using a smartphone video they send us.
Fashion Size Group Database.png
We then group the consumer with other people of the same shape and size into size groups. Everyone in the same size group can wear the same clothes without any fit issues.

Over 90% Fit Satisfaction

Online fashion retail businesses are well aware of the staggering costs of returns such as;
- Reduction of profits and commissions
- Adds to climate change
- Lowers consumer satisfaction and confidence

If you are one of the three business types below, our fit verification service can help you.
- Online Retailer: Our fit service can increase your profits and reduce consumer fit frustration by lowering returns and the need for hassle free shipping.
Social Commerce Marketplace: Our fit service can increase eco friendly upcycling of clothing because we can verify the fit before purchase. Fit frustration and inconsistent return polices can limit consumer participation.
- Online Personal Styling Service: Do you find it difficult determining the right size for your customers? They can have their own misleading ideas about their size. Our fit service can reduce the time & money you spend trying to fit clothes to your customers.
Partner with us

Partner with us

At this time, we have 1000's of customers in our fashion size groups database. And it is growing larger everyday. However, we can't reduce returns without your help, so partner with us. Our fit service is very simple to implement.

If you would like to set up a meeting to learn more, send us your email.

Thanks we will contact you!

Once you sign up for our Fit Verification RET (Retailer) service, we follow the steps below to get you connected.
New Customer Shopping Get The Fit.png
- Step 1: This first step consists of adding a P3DF link called "Reduce Returns! Get The Fit Verified First!" to the product page on your website.

The location, look and feel of this link is entirely up to you and the design of your website.

When your customers shop for clothes on your website, they will see the link. The page connected to this link will provide them with instructions on how to make their 3D video.
- Step 2: In this step, we will give you real time access to our Fashion Size Group database. Our database contains 1000's of customer id's and their associated fashion size groups. Our customer id's will match similar identifiers in your customer database, such as email, phone number, etc.  We will work with your web-provider / technical staff to connect both databases.
Fashion Size Group & Retailer Databases.png
- Step 3: Here is where it all comes together. Since we group our customers by shape and size, all customers in the same fashion size groups can fit into the same clothes. 
FSG New & Old Customer Match.png
As the fashion size group database grows you will be able to connect consumers within the database. The goal is to use the database to answer three questions below;
- Is the new (shopping) customer in our fashion size group database?
- Does the retailer have a customer in our database who is a current customer?
- Are both customers in the same fashion size group?
- Step 4: If the answer is a "Yes" to all three questions in step 3 above, we have a match and the retailer can display a "Fit Verified" message in the Ribbon area of the garment being viewed by the new customer. This message will let the new customer know the garment they are looking at will fit them.
New Customer Fit Verified.png
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