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A virtual fit can sell your clothes!

Do the clothes you sell on Poshmark, Depop, The RealReal, etc. just sit and sit with not a buyer to be found? Perhaps the problem is Fit Frustration! People may be unsure if your clothes will fit them. Increase your chances of selling your clothes by using our free Fit Verification service. Let's reduce returns by replacing the faulty clothing sizing system used today by online retailers.
With our fit service, you can continue to use your favorite online clothing exchange stores to sell your clothes. We use a video of you to calculate your shape and size using 1000's of measurements. We then match you to 1000's customers in our database. When we receive your ads, we notify these customers you have clothes for sale that will fit them. To get started, follow the instructions below.

1. Make your 3D Video (only one is needed)

To use this free service, you only have to send in your 3D Video using your smartphone. After we create your avatar, we will notify you and you can then send us your ads. With our service, you can sell your clothes faster (note: You only have to send us your 3D Video once). 

2. Post your ads

Poshmark American Eagle Ripped Stretchy
If you have clothing for sale or are planning to sell some clothes, post your Ads using your favorite clothing exchange stores, like you normally do. After your Ads are posted, copy the Direct links for each Ad.

3. Send us your ad links

Use the two fields below to send us your Ad links. If you have more than one clothing Ad, paste the Ad links into the Ad field on separate lines and hit the Submit button when you are done.

Once we have your clothing Ads, We will then notify everyone in your Fashion Size Group of the repurposed clothes you have for sale by sending them a direct link to your Ads (see sample Ad below).  

Send Your Ads Here

Thanks for submitting!

Sample Ad Sent to Members

Stylist Ad Sample Jeans.png
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