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Business Overview 

Custom Tailor: Katie Barnaby

Hey, it's Katie. I hope this outline answers many of your questions about what P3DF is trying to do. I started P3DF because I am a tailor and I believe I could use my knowledge and computer technology to create an easy and sustainable way to verify the fit of clothes before purchase reducing the wasteful practice of returned clothes ending up in landfills, and at the same time creating 15 million tons of carbon gas being emitted into the atmosphere each year.
Katie sewing_edited.jpg

to sum it up... 

P3DF would like to be the new size chart for online clothing retail. Our goal is to verify the fit between consumers and retailers.  We do this by bringing people of the same size together to sell, shop and swap clothes. In its simplest form our service consists of a Fashion Size Group (FSG) database and a Fit Verification Service (FVS), both are based on a video of the consumer we use to calculate their body measurements. We then group the consumers of the same size into a single group.

one of the challenges... 

we face is convincing customers to provide us with a 3D video, which is critical for our business. In short, the problem is trust. We are a new company offering an unknown technology. So to convince consumers to make and submit a 3D video, we need to offer them a familiar / trusted source. We believe Fashion Stylists can be a source.

a good fit... 

is one of the most important services offered by Fashion Stylists. Fashion Stylists spend a lot of time trying to properly size new customers. Add to that, social distancing which makes fit verification even more difficult. Finally, there is the challenge of trying to determine which retailers offer the best fitting clothing based on their vanity sizing system. All of this leads to clothes being returned due to a bad fit. With our FGS database, Fashion Stylists can create a "One Size Fits All" retailer database for each FSG. In that, Fashion Stylist can use the retailer's "best fit" history of a single customer for every customer in the FSG database. This saves time and money. The Fashion Stylist does not have to spend energy trying to find the best fit for new customers.

Our Fit Verification Services 

Fit Verification Services
1. Fit Verification IND (Individual): This service is free to all members. They can use their favorite online clothing exchange stores to sell their repurposed clothes to other members their size. They can only use this service if they have sent in their 3D Video. This service is active and is currently being used by our members. 
2. Fit Verification PRO (Professional): You can learn more about this service by selecting the link above.  To sum it up, this service can save a fashion stylist a lot of time and money by making it quick and easy to size their customers. The fashion stylist will announce to their customers that "To save valuable time & money, a 3D fit service is the best and easiest way for me to determine your size and find the right clothes that fit you.".
Fit Verification PRO Free.png
This announcement would be part of a link we would create for you, allowing your customers to upload their 3D Videos. Once we get your customer's 3D Videos, we group them into size groups. The fashion stylist will be able to match new and old clients in the same FSG. Clothes that fit old clients should fit new clients, providing a fit history.  In short, we create a "What Fits One, Size Fits All" database of your customers. I see this service as being billed monthly / annually. The price you see in the image is a draft price and may change. This service is not active at this time.
3. Fit Verification MKT (Marketing): You can learn more about this service by selecting the link above.  To sum it up, this will be a service where clothes are repurposed by the fashion stylist and sold to members in the same FSG using the complete database. With this service you can offer repurposed clothing from your customers and clothes handpicked from your Stylist Wardrobe collection to thousands of members in our Fashion Size Groups database.
Fit Verification MKT.png
In addition, these clothes can be garments found from other sources, like vintage clothing stores. In short, the fashion stylist can use our database to increase their customer base. I see this service as being billed monthly / annually. The price you see in the image is a draft price and may change. This service is not active at this time.

Our Fashion Size Group Database 

Size Group Database
Database FVS Exchange.png
What makes this all possible is our, one of a kind, Fashion Size Group database. P3DF started advertising August of 2021 and since that time our membership has grown to over 6,000 members. Of that number, over 1,500 have submitted 3D videos which we have turned into avatars in our FSG database.

By the way, the numbers you see above are size calculations made from the 3D Videos submitted by our members. These calculations are made so you don't have to worry about sizing your customers. In short, you no longer have to worry about
measuring your customers. We group them into a Fashion Size Group so you can see that customers A & B are the same size as your new customer C. This means they can all wear the same garments. This knowledge saves you time and money. 

How Free Fit Verification (IND) Service 
Works For Our Member

Fit Verify Example
Below is an example of an actual transaction between two of our members.
1. Customer posts an Ad: Member 927 places an ad for a pair of jeans on Poshmark. We receive notification of this sale and our Fit Verification software begins.
Poshmark American Eagle Ripped Stretchy
2. Notify Members: Using our Fit Verification service, we notify all our members that these jeans are for sale and the Fit has been verified. This means all members in avatar 927's size group can purchase these jeans without any problems with the fit.
Poshmark American Eagle Ripped Stretchy Jeans FVS.png
3. Connect Buyer & Seller: Member 620 decides she wants to purchase the jeans. The image to the left is a snapshot of the 2 customers in our size group database.
Poshmark American Eagle Ripped Stretchy Jeans 927 620.png
Before member 620 makes the purchase, the fit has been verified. The figures you see are some of the 100's of calculations we make to verify the fit.
4. A Sale is Made: So in the end, member 620 makes the purchase on Poshmark and gets a pair of jeans that fits her perfectly. Member 927 makes some money and both members don't have to worry about returning the jeans, thereby adding to climate change.
Poshmark American Eagle Ripped Stretchy Jeans SOLD.png

How Can You Help? 

How Can You Help
We would love for you to help us test our Fit Verification (PRO & MKT) services. If you are interested in working with us, below are a few details we can talk about the next time we meet.
To start, we are willing to pay you for each 3D Video sent by your customers. In summary, we will;
- Pay a price per-video (female videos garner a higher rate). Our FSG database is 98% women.
- Create a unique portal on our website for your customers to upload their videos.
- Provide you a Fashion Size Group report, allowing you to group your customers by size.
Fit Verification PRO.png
Below is a sample of the report you will receive from us when you sign up for Fit Verification PRO service. This report shows all of your clients grouped by size in their fashion size groups. Remember with our 3D technology, "What Fits One Fit All".
Fashion Stylists Size Group Report Complete.png
As you can see in the report above, your customers are assigned a fashion size group by us. Everyone in the same size group can wear the same clothes without any fit issues. For example, all of the people in the "Pink Flower" size group have the same shape and measurements. So as you can see, Sami S. can wear the same clothes as me and everyone else in my size group. With our report, you will be able to quickly determine the best fit for any new customers. This report was created for you so you don't have to worry about sizing your customers.  This knowledge saves time and money.

Let's Talk! 

Lets Talk
Well, I think I covered everything. If you need more information, I am happy to have a phone conversation with you. As I said before, my goal is to reduce returns to promote sustainable fashion. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at

Thank you
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