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help reduce returns by making a video and... 
Once we have your 3D measurements, you are assigned fit representative who will be able to help you sell your clothes to other members. They will also be able to show you vintage, repurposed and designer slow fashion clothes being offered by retailers. Follow the instructions below to get started.
ULV WR 3 OKS.png

1. become a member

After you are a Full Member and sent in your 3D Video, you can start shopping. If you wish to sell some clothes, just contact your assigned Fit Rep. They will help you create the content you need to quickly sell your clothing.

2. send us your content

You can take pictures of the clothing you wish to sell. Once we get your content, we will post an Ad in our social marketplace and notify all the other members in your size group.
  • Fit Verification RET

    Fashion Retailer Fit Verification
    Free Plan
    • Calculate consumers shape and size
    • Assign consumers to a fashion size group
    • Provide fit verification before purchase
Fit Verified Sample 4.png

3. get paid when it sells

Once your clothes are sold, we will make all the arrangements for the exchange.
A. We will send you a shipping label (Note: Only after a full payment has been made by the purchaser)
B. The Seller can print the Label and place it on the package with the clothing
C. The Seller can then drop off the package at the nearest USPS post office location
D. We will then transfer your payment, minus our 5% processing fee, through a Payment Provider
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