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As concerned Fashion Designers, we believed we could use our combined experience to help reduce the number of clothes ending up in Landfills. So we developed a technology that takes a video of you and generate a 1:1 scale Virtual 3D Avatar of you. 
Landfill Clothing 1.png
The problem of ill-fitting clothes ending up in landfills can only be solved when everyone decides to do something about it. Sending in your video and supporting our store will help solve this problem and make the Earth a better place. 

We then use a patent pending computer program that groups all avatars by size into a database. We use this Fashion Size Group database to Verify the Fit of clothing on you before the purchase is made.

Fit Verified Jeans Fit Verified Small 2.
Finally we would like to say that when you use our marketplace to exchange new or used clothes, a percentage of each sale goes to several "non-profit" climate change organizations. So click the Sign Up button to become a member. While we are setting you up as a New Member, please read instructions below showing you how to make your video. Once you are a member, we will send you a link where you can learn more about us and up-load your video.

360° Video: This video requires two people and a smartphone. This type of video is for a high resolution Avatar. If you are alone, you can use the 180°Video method shown below. However for best results, this method is suggested.

360° Video

1. Clothing

Wear form fitting clothes with colorful patterns or visible textures, like fitted Jeans, No Solids or Dark colors. 

180° Video: You can make this video yourself with a smartphone. Please follow the 3 easy steps in the slideshow below. Please watch the video in slide 3.

180° Video

1. Clothing

Wear form fitting clothes with colorful patterns or visible textures, like fitted Jeans. No Solids or Dark colors.

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